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Our highly skilled and experienced manufacturing team has ready made products, or can create customised, genius, solutions, to solve your materials handling, clean up and safety issues.

Please tell us your requirements and a representative from our team will be in touch with you shortly. 

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Meet the Team

Gillian Summers Managing Director of Brain Industries
Gillian Summers
steve morley from Brain Industries
Steve Morley

Operations Manager, Pumps and Mining
+61 409 447 891  steve@brainindustries.com.au

Ernest Lapornik
Tom Pattison is Brain Industries' Product Manager for Conveyor Lagging
Tom Pattison

Product Manager – Lagging
+61 421 845 737

David Pandel, Brain's Product Manager for conveyors and pulleys
David Pandel

Product Manager 
Conveyor Products
+61 418 498 771  david@brainindustries.com.au

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