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Mudskipper Pumps

Vacuum recover and pressure discharge slurries and sludges with solids up to 60mm.

Brain Industries’ Mudskipper© Pump is our smallest and most popular pump. Our Mudskipper pump is also known as a Swilly Buster or Mud Pump. 

It is a highly portable, compressed air powered, unit for the vacuum recovery and pressure discharge of slurries and flowable sludges containing solids up to 60mm in lump size.

With vacuum capability of up to 18” Hg  (60 kPa) the Mudskipper© can handle viscous materials with a high concentration of solids.

Use it with a Mudskipper© Sieve Bend to continually separate solids while pumping.

You can hire or buy Brain’s Mudskipper© Pump.

brain mudskipper pumps

Mudskipper© Pump features

Brain Mudskipper pump in action

Mudskipper© Pump performance

Mudskipper© pumps keep on pumping where other pumps fail. 

Flow rates of up to 14m³ per hour. Discharge up to 0.5km.

Actual performance depends on the type of material. It will recover flowable non-viscous slurries at a higher rate than more viscous sludges with higher solids content. 

For light sludges, these  results are typical. 

  • Production rate  – up to 8m3 /hr 
  • Vertical suction lift – 6.5m 
  • Horizontal suction run – 100m 
  • Vertical discharge head – 50m 
  • Horizontal discharge run – 500m

Where are Mudskipper© Pumps used?

Use our Mudskipper© pumps in these sectors.

  • Coal mines – controlling coal fines build up around conveyor handling and conveyor loading transfer points.
  • Other under ground mines
  • Other above ground (surface) mines
  • Tunnelling projects
  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas
  • Marine
  • Bulk Handling.

Mud Pump Hire

Need a portable pump to easily vacuum and discharge sludges, slurries, and mud with solids up to 60mm?

Hiring a Brain Mudskipper Pump is a smart way to save time and money. Its our smallest and most popular pump. Good for hard to get to and confined spaces.
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Mudskipper© Sieve Bend

Separate solids from sludge and slurry.

Use in conjunction with the Mudskipper Pump or we can customise to suit any of our Airloader pumps.

The bend removes the bulk of the water in the discharge feed from the pump. All solids larger than 0.4mm are returned onto the belt or collected for disposal. The underflow water exits by gravity or may be pumped away.

The bend can straddle a belt conveyor or be fixed to the roof in underground mines.  

Brain Mudskipper Sieve Bend