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Brain stonedusters reduce the risk of explosion.

Rock dusters and stonedusters discharge stone dust to help underground mining companies meet their stonedusting program requirements.

Brain Industries’ stone dusters and rock dusters use our patented Mudskipper© jet pumps to deliver superior pumping power with minimal maintenance.

For our partner, Strata Worldwide, Brain designs, manufactures, and installs bulk stone dust delivery systems for underground coal mines, including 100-tonne to 200 tonne above ground silos for bulk storage. 

We also deliver 3-tonne, 6-tonne, and 20-tonne dust to pit-bottom pressure-pods as well as  500kg to 1500kg dilute-phase tailgate dusting covering up to 4,000 metres (4 kms).

Hand-Held Spear Duster

brain industries spear duster


Brain Industries mini duster


Brain Industries maxi rock duster and stone duster

Maxi-Stoneduster with Set & Forget Function

A Brain Maxi-Duster with a simple but ultra-reliable factory set timer mechanism.

brain industries set and forget maxi duster