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Conveyor Pulleys

Custom made, quality, conveyor pulleys by Brain Industries makes materials handling easier.

Keep your conveyor belts moving with Brain’s Australian made conveyor pulleys. 

Brain Industries designs, manufactures, tests and repairs conveyor pulleys for all applications in industries including port facilities, underground coal mines, open cut mines, hard rock mines, coal loading facilities, overland conveyors, food and grain handling, tunnelling and quarries.

  • Drive conveyor pulleys (single drive and dual drive) … on every conveyor for maximum torque and drive.
  • Non-Drive conveyor pulleys such as tails, bends and take ups … all other pulleys in a conveyor system.
  • Deadshaft conveyor pulleys.
If you’re doing scheduled maintenance or a scheduled shutdown on your conveyor system it is wise to check to see if you need to refurbish or replace your conveyor pulley.

What do conveyor pulleys do?

Conveyor pulleys provide the drive and tension to move a conveyor belt – essential in the process of handling materials such as minerals, grain, packages, and even people. 

Why Brain conveyor pulleys?

Brain makes conveyor pulleys in Australia using high quality materials sourced from reputable Australian suppliers, so they last and can operate in tough conditions.

Our engineering geniuses will custom design and make your conveyor pulley to your project and site specifications any size.

Quality is guaranteed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001. Brain makes pulley shells and end discs from certified AS3678 Grade 250 mild steel plate. All welds meet the stringent requirements of AS1554.5. Those welds are ultrasonically tested in accordance with AS2207-2007 Level 2 and magnetic particle tested in accordance with AS1171-1998.

Brain Industries has invested significantly in new equipment so we can carry out every engineering and testing activity on site. This reduces lead times and controls quality.

Brain Industries Australian-made Conveyor Pulley

Other Brain Conveyor Products

Brain also makes a range of other conveyor products including pulley lagging and conveyor dewatering systems.

Our conveyor pulley videos

Pulley Refurbishment Service

Brain Industries also offer a Pulley Refurbishment Service to extend the life of your asset, saving you time and money. We provide a comprehensive Refurbishment Viability Report detailing the condition of the pulley with our quote.  

Our conveyor pulley refurbishment services make your pulley as new and include:

  • complete pulley strip down and cleaning of parts
  • removal of old pulley lagging
  • non-destructive testing of pulley shaft and shell
  • re-machining of pulley (if required)
  • re-lagging of pulley
  • re-assembly of pulley
  • testing and certification
  • supply of Manufacturers Data Reports.

Other Genius Conveyor Products from Brain Industries

Brain Industries Australian made conveyor pulleys

Conveyor Pulleys

Custom made, quality, conveyor pulleys by Brain Industries makes materials handling easier.

pulley lagging icon

Pulley Lagging

Brain Industries' Conveyor Pulley Lagging bonds perfectly to the shell of your conveyor pulleys to extend the life of your pulleys and provide better grip to the conveyor.

conveyor dewatering systems icon

Dewatering Systems

The Conveyor Dewatering Systems effectively remove water from the coal stream on any mine site. The systems are highly customisable and are designed to suit the exact needs of each customer

Fines Separation Units (FSU)

Brain Industries’ Fines Separation Units (FSU) allow you to better manage sludge and slurries.

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Ceramic Wear Liners

Brain Ceramic Wear Liners help make conveyor chutes and material transfer points last longer.

mounting cushions icon

Mounting Cushions

A clean conveyor belt is essential to protect one of your most expensive assets. The best way to ensure full belt width cleaning is to use Brain Mounting Cushions