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Brainwaves No 42 – November 2022

Clean up spills or pumping sludges and slurries containing solids is easy with a Brain Industries Mudskipper Pump

In this issue

  • Pumps for tunnelling and other industries
  • Polyurethane drill rod holders
  • Load indicating washers save time & money, improve safety
  • Video – Diagonal conveyor ploughs
  • Video – FRAS poly bumper bars on new Phillips Global mine shuttle cars
  • Winners announced – Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

Pumps for tunnelling and other industries

It is not just the mining industry where our Australian made pumps are in demand. A global tunnelling company has received 12 Mudskipper pumps for use in Australia and other parts of the world. Four Mudskippers have just gone to our USA pump distributor, Strata.

Our smallest and most popular pump lets you easily vacuum recover and pressure discharge slurries and sludges with solids up to 60mm. Compressed air powered, with no external moving parts, means it keeps on pumping where other pumps fail. The highly portable unit is good for confined spaces and can be hand operated or fully automated.

Download the Mudskipper Pump brochure.

Brainwave! Hiring our pumps is a very cost effective if you have a one off project or clean up.

Polyurethane Drill Rod Holders

Brain’s polyurethane drill rod holders have a magnetic base to store drill rods and roof bolts in a convenient place during installation.

Position the holder wherever it is safe and secure. Avoid rods falling on the floor or being lost. We supply 3, 4, 5 and 6 configurations.

Our high quality FRAS polyurethane lasts and is suitable for underground mines.

View all our Polyurethane products here.


Load indicating washers – Visyload

Visyload load sensing washer installation example

Our game-changing, Australian made, Visyload washers confirm the safe working load limit of rock bolts or threaded anchors.  Deploy the tabs. They curl down to easily confirm the tension or torque.

visyload icon

Visyload saves time and money, making them a cost effective solution for mines, tunnels and other construction projects. They are easy to install and make load assessments quicker. Knowing load limits reduces the risk of injuries.

Available in 8 tonne (6 tabs) and 6 tonne (4 tab ) options.

Watch the Visyload video.
Download the Visyload brochure.

Video – diagonal conveyor ploughs

We have manufactured polyurethane diagonal conveyor ploughs to sit on the underside of a conveyor belt to help a client to clear heavy fines. Another customised solution from our genius team.

Watch them being manufactured in our LinkedIn post.

Do you use conveyors? Read about our conveyor pulleys and other conveyor products.


Video – FRAS poly parts on Phillips Global shuttle cars

Phillips Global and Ontrak used our quick release polyurethane bumper bars, back spool brackets, cable reel covers and outrigger cable sheaves on its first of many 20 ton shuttle cars for Australian clients.

Brain’s FRAS polyurethane ensures the parts are built to last and comply with Australian Standard MDG 3608 for use in underground mines.

See Phillip’s video of the shuttle car’s test run on our Linked in page.


Congratulations Hunter manufacturers

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of the 2022 Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

We took out the Manufacturer of the Year (<50 employees) Award last year. We were a supporter of this year’s Awards. Part of our commitment to fostering quality Australian manufacturing.




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