Fines Separation Unit (FSU)

Brain Industries’ Fines Separation Units (FSU) allow you to better manage sludge and slurries.

The fully automatic slurry management system dewaters solids laden slurry or fines laden water from several sources simultaneously. (It is a bit like straining cooked rice!)

How does the Brain FSU work?

An auger – pneumatically, hydraulically, or electrically driven – separates coal fines and other materials from water. 

Brain’s FSU can dewater almost any hard ore, rock, stone, sand, or other contaminants and hazardous materials with a particle size of between 0.5mm and 80mm that are within water soluble clays or silts. 

The end product has a typical moisture content of 25% and can be discharged directly on to a conveyor belt, hopper, or secondary dewatering screen.more than 

Various models or custom-made

Brain Industries has various, standard, FSU models but can customise an FSU to your needs. 

FSU 366 FSU 280
Height 3300mm 2500mm
Width 1530mm 1500mm
Length 6300mm 5400mm
Weight 1400kg 1250kg
Dewater (litres/hour) 30,000 20,000

Benefits and Features of a Brain Industries FSU

Brain Industries Fines Separation Unit
Custom made FSU by Brain Industries
Fines separation unit (FSU)

Applications for Brain Industries’ Fines Separation Unit (FSU)

In the mining sector, FSUs help recover coal fines to turn into a saleable product and to deal with the ongoing costs of sludge and slurry management. But an FSU can be used in any industry looking to better manage sludge and slurries.

Applications include:

  • Underground coal mines
  • Open cut coal mines 
  • Hard rock mines
  • Construction sites
  • Tunnelling projects
  • Sand Quarries
  • Pulp and paper operations
  • Agriculture – drying out livestock bedding

FSU for Mines

In the mining sector an FSU saves on costs and maximises revenue.

Removing solid particles reduces the wear rate of dewatering pumps and reduces the volume of material ending up in tailings dams.

The recovered coal fines or other solid material can be returned to your production process to sell.

An FSU Brain built for a NSW mine paid for itself within two weeks!

Why use Brain Industries’ Fines Separation Units?