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Polyurethane Conveyor Skirting

Prevent spillage and conveyor abrasion with Australian made polyurethane conveyor skirting

Skirting contains or controls product at the transfer point on belt conveyors. It maintains a dust seal between the chute and the conveyor belt. 

This not only reduces WHS risks and costs in time and money associated with spillage and dust, skirting improves conveyor stability and reliability.

Traditionally, skirting is made from rubber. But polyurethane skirting lasts four times longer than rubber skirting.

Brain are the experts in polyurethane industrial products. We can vary the polyurethane in terms of its hardness, elongation, tensile, and abrasion resistance.

Brain’s poly skirting is available off the shelf in 15 metre lengths or custom made to your requirements.

For any conveyor, anywhere

Brain’s polyurethane conveyor skirting can be used in these industries.

Polyurethane conveyor skirting from Brain Industries lasts 4 times longer than rubber skirting
Brain Industries Australian Made Polyurethane Skirting