Vac Pack – Vacuum Recovery System

Convert almost any container into a powerful vacuum recovery system.

Our Vac Pack is a portable, compressed-air vacuum power pack. It converts any suitable container into a vacuum recovery system. Unlike conventional vacuum pumps, the Vac Pack uses a compressed-air powered jet pump to create a high suction airflow.

When used in a vacuum recovery system, the pack convey solids, sludges and liquids at more than 10 cubic metres (2200 gallons) per hour, with suction distances of 100metres horizontally and 30metres vertically. 

  • Portable
  • Easy to set up. Remote controlled
  • Recover waste materials from inaccessible areas
  • No moving parts
Brain Industries Vac Pack Mark 2 model
brain vac pack mark 2

Drum Filler System

Move and clean up contaminated materials or environmentally sensitive materials.

The Mudskipper© Drum Filler Head collects and drums contaminated oils, greases, and environmentally sensitive wet materials. Using the optional dust filtration, the drum filler head can also be used for dry materials.

The system comprises a one-piece, compressed-air operated, vacuum recovery head for 200 litre, open-top drums. It can produce up to a 70 per cent vacuum. We recommend using heavy-duty drums.

  • low cost
  • very safe to use - no moving parts
  • powerful
  • well-sized material suction hose
  • can be used on vacuum-capable skips or tanks
drum filter system vac pack demonstration
brain industries australian made vacuum pack drum filter
brain industries vac pack drums filter system