Mudskipper pumps clean up coal fines and save mines money

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We’ve recently sold several patented Brain Mudskipper pumps to help coal mines to control coal fines build up around conveyor handling and conveyor loading transfer points. The build up of coal fines around this equipment is problematic in that it can reduce the efficiency or even lead to breakdown of key pieces of equipment. Cleaning […]

How to pump coal filled slurry on to conveyor belts without flooding

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The solution to the problem of flooding mining conveyor belts when pumping coal filled slurry with high water content is Brain Industries’ genius Mudskipper Pump and Mudskipper Sieve Bend. The Mudskipper pump easily pumps slurry without blocking. The Mudskipper Sieve Bend separates water from the solids before depositing on a conveyor. The problem Mines can […]