The benefits of strip conveyor pulley lagging for mines

Strip conveyor pulley lagging can save mines (coal mines and hard rock or metalliferous mines) time and money. Down time is one of the biggest costs for a mine. Labour and machinery is idle. Most mines don’t have big shut downs like they used to – they run maybe one 12-16 hour shutdown a month. […]

Tips for protecting lagging to extend service life

Brain Industries 50% ceramic lagging on a refurbished conveyor pulley

The life expectancy or service life of your conveyor pulley lagging depends on the operating environment, maintenance quality and frequency and how the equipment is used. Here are our top Dos and Don’ts for protecting lagging. Correct operation of the conveyor for protecting lagging DOs Make sure that the conveyor take-up unit applies the correct […]

The benefits of Brain Industries’ pneumatic industrial pumps – Q & A

Q & A with Paul Harrison on the benefits of Brain Industries' pneumatic industrial pumps

Whether you are in the mining, tunnelling or oil and gas industry, there is often a repetitious need to recover or transfer flowable substances such as fines-contaminated water or solids-laden slurries and sludges being a daily occurrence. Reliable pumping equipment is paramount. Brain Industries Product Manager for pneumatic industrial pumps, Paul Harrison, answers some questions […]

Mudskipper pumps clean up coal fines and save mines money

brain industries mudskipper equipment hire

We’ve recently sold several patented Brain Mudskipper pumps to help coal mines to control coal fines build up around conveyor handling and conveyor loading transfer points. The build up of coal fines around this equipment is problematic in that it can reduce the efficiency or even lead to breakdown of key pieces of equipment. Cleaning […]

How to pump coal filled slurry on to conveyor belts without flooding

a photo of coal

The solution to the problem of flooding mining conveyor belts when pumping coal filled slurry with high water content is Brain Industries’ genius Mudskipper Pump and Mudskipper Sieve Bend. The Mudskipper pump easily pumps slurry without blocking. The Mudskipper Sieve Bend separates water from the solids before depositing on a conveyor. The problem Mines can […]