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The benefits of strip conveyor pulley lagging for mines

Brain Industries' conveniently supplies pulley lagging in strips

Strip conveyor pulley lagging can save mines (coal mines and hard rock or metalliferous mines) time and money.

Down time is one of the biggest costs for a mine. Labour and machinery is idle. Most mines don’t have big shut downs like they used to – they run maybe one 12-16 hour shutdown a month.

Relag in situ and in confined spaces

When mines have Brain Industries’ conveyor pulley lagging in strips sitting at the mine, it means mine staff can easily relag in situ. If the pulley requires lagging, it can be done straight away without having to take the pulley out of the conveyor system, to the surface (if an underground mine) or offsite to Brain’s engineering facility.

With Brain Industries’ strip lagging, relagging a pulley can be done in one shift which is the same amount of time it can take just to remove a pulley. Staff can easily use a maintenance day to quickly relag a pulley.

Sometimes in mines, conveyor pulleys can be in a tight or confined space. Strip lagging makes it easier to handle the lagging.

Types of strip pulley lagging and sizes

Brain Industries’ lagging comes in strips of 250mm wide (in various thicknesses) across its range of lagging. This includes its fire resistant antic static (FRAS) rubber lagging which is essential for underground mines.

  • Ceramic, natural rubber-backed, lagging
  • Ceramic, FRAS rubber-backed, lagging
  • Polyurethane, natural rubber-backed, lagging
  • Natural rubber lagging
  • FRAS rubber lagging

You just cut the lagging strips to the length of pulley.

Brain always has stock of natural rubber lagging and FRAS rubber lagging in a 6.6 metre roll which is a convenient size for onsite storage and transportation.

But Brain can also supply its strip lagging in rolls of 10, 20, 30 – up to 60 – metres in length. With fast turnaround times.

Australian made conveyor pulley lagging

The benefit of using Brain Industries’ Australian made lagging goes beyond the convenience of strip lagging. Its experience in lagging and the use of quality materials means Brain’s lagging offers better grip to the pulley and a longer lifespan.

Get more information or request a quote for pulley lagging

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Not sure which type of pulley lagging suits your needs? Or what length to order? Visit our lagging page for more information, a video and access to brochures. Or call our conveyor pulley lagging experts on +61 4969 2111 to discuss your needs. You may also get in touch via our contact page.

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