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Mudskipper pumps clean up coal fines and save mines money

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We’ve recently sold several patented Brain Mudskipper pumps to help coal mines to control coal fines build up around conveyor handling and conveyor loading transfer points.

The build up of coal fines around this equipment is problematic in that it can reduce the efficiency or even lead to breakdown of key pieces of equipment. Cleaning up coal fines also reduces WHS issues on mine sites.

Coal fines are also worth money. So, to be able to easily collect them presents an additional revenue bonus for mine managers.

A conveyor belt carrying coal.

Why Mudskipper pumps by Brain Industries?

There are a range of pumps that can be used to collect and pump coal fines.

Our customers tell us that what sets Brain’s Mudskipper pumps apart from competitors is its reliability and long life. Other pumps fail while Brain’s pumps keep on pumping.

That’s because Brain’s Mudskipper pumps are a vacuum unit and have no moving parts in contact with the material.

A Brain Industries Mudskipper pump

How do Brain Industries Mudskipper pumps work?

Our Mudskipper Pump is a portable compressed air powered unit.  It vacuum recovers and pressure discharges coal fines as well as slurries and flowable sludges containing solids up to 60mm in lump size.

It is the vacuum capability of up to 18” Hg that allows it to handle materials with high solids concentration.

The fully automatic pump requires only 37 litres/sec (80 scfm) to 47 litres/sec (100 scfm) air supply at 4.5 BAR (65 PSIG) to 8.0 BAR (116 PSIG) maximum via a 25 NB hose.

The type of material determines actual performance. Mudskipper recovers flowable non-viscous slurries at a higher rate than the more viscous sludges with higher solids content. For coal fines the following figures are typical.

  • Production rate up to – 8m3/hr
  • Vertical suction lift – 6.5m
  • Horizontal suction run – 100m
  • Vertical discharge head – 50m
  • Horizontal discharge run – 500m

Related products

Mudskipper Sieve Bend & Mudskipper Drum Filler Head

Brain Industries Mudskipper© Sieve Bend
Brain Mudskipper© Sieve Bend

Use our Mudskipper Sieve Bend in conjunction with the Mudskipper Pump to remove the bulk of any water in the discharge feed from the pump. The Mudskipper Drum Filler Head is a one-piece compressed air operated vacuum recovery head for 200 litre open top drums. It is ideal for the collecting and drumming contaminated oils, greases and environmentally sensitive wet materials.

Hire or buy a Mudskipper Pump from Brain Industries today

We also hire our Mudskipper pumps. Hiring may be a cost-effective option for you and can give you the opportunity to road test the pump. For more information call our Mining Product Manager Paul Harrison on +61 429 916 097 , email or use our contact form.

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