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How to pump coal filled slurry on to conveyor belts without flooding

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The solution to the problem of flooding mining conveyor belts when pumping coal filled slurry with high water content is Brain Industries’ genius Mudskipper Pump and Mudskipper Sieve Bend.

The Mudskipper pump easily pumps slurry without blocking. The Mudskipper Sieve Bend separates water from the solids before depositing on a conveyor.

The problem

Mines can have problems pumping out swillies in roadways if the coal seam is “uphill” and water gathers in undulations in the seam. Water ends up on the transport roadway. Mine vehicles drag more material into the water as they drive through it, creating a slurry.

If mines try to pump the slurry, using diaphram, centrifugal and hose pumps, they often get blocked.

When pumping the slurry on to conveyors, the high-water content can make a real mess at transfer points. This can lead to material run-backs (sloughing) and major spills.

The solution

The pump and sieve bend eliminate time-consuming pump blockages.  Maintenance crews don’t have to shovel coal back on to conveyor belts.

All you do is attach the Mudskipper pump’s special suction strainer with the bubbler pipe, drop it into a swilly and leave it to pump away until it empties.

Brain Industries Mudskipper© Sieve BendUsing the sieve bend in conjunction with the pump solves the conveyor belt flooding problem.

The sieve bend removes the bulk of the water in the discharge feed from the pump. Simply return all solids larger than 0.4mm on to the belt or collect them for disposal. The underflow water exits by gravity or you can pump it away to join the regular mine dewatering system.  Portable and small enough to go through doors in ventilation stoppings, the bend saves the need to set up long pump-out lines. It can straddle a belt conveyor or you can fix it to the roof in underground mines.

Both the pump and the sieve bend have no moving parts. It has a replaceable ceramic liner in the manifold box, which can accept the large lumps and discharge from the Mudskipper pump.

Talk to Brain Industries to solve your mine’s pumping and clean up issues

Brain’s material separation system solves a significant water management issue for mines. Our genius team can advise on the right Brain Industries’ products to use. Or we can customise a solution to your mine’s sludge, slurry and water management issues.

For more information call our Mining Product Manager Paul Harrison on +61 429 916 097, email or use our contact form.

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