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Pump hire solves problem of mud filled sumps for coal mine

Brain Industries PD4x4 (300) Airloader

A NSW coal mine used our industrial pump hire service to clean out a number of mud filled sumps.

What was the problem that needed to be solved?

The mine needed to clean out six mud filled sumps. Because the sludge in the sumps had solid particles greater than 80mm, the mine’s Mudskipper pumps were not right for the job.

The solution? Pump hire

The mine hired one of our Air Loader PD4x4(300) industrial pumps. As they wouldn’t use the pump often, hiring was much more cost effective than buying one. (If they decided they could use the pump more often, they had the option of buying the pump at a reduced price).

The pressure discharge Airloader pump was the right tool for a mud filled sump. The compressed air pump is low in height, portable, yet powerful.

Unlike conventional pumps, which rely on vacuum displacement, this pump combines high velocity suction airflow with a powerful vacuum. It handles just about any flowable material, including sludge or slurries in sumps.

The pumps come in a range of sizes but the Airloader 300 handle solids up to 80mm in size with ease. It suction loads materials across a horizontal distances of more than 500m and achieves a vertical suction lift of up to 35m.

Brain’s Airloader pumps can use gravity discharge to drop material into a nearby tank or container or on to a conveyor belt without great force. But this mine hired a pressure discharge pump to enable it to take the sludge and solids out via a pipe.

This Airloader pump was provided in a DNV GL compliant frame with forklift skids. The frames make it compliant with standards including ISO 9001 (quality management system) or ISO 14001 (environmental management system).

The result?

The mine’s staff were able to clean the six mud filled sumps in just 72 hours. They did so at a fraction of the cost of buying a pump or organising cleaning contractors.

More information on industrial equipment and pump hire

As part of our hire service, we can deliver, pick up and train staff .

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