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Load-indicating washers verify mine roof bolts’ tension

The green tabs on the Visyload load sensing washer curl down when fully deployed confirm a rock bolt or anchor’s safe working load limit

A NSW underground coal mine is using 1,000 of Brain Industries’ Visyload load-indicating washers to easily ensure correct tension on the roof bolts supporting its new monorail.

The mine’s problem

It can be difficult for mine staff to easily verify correct tension on the roof bolts. There is a better way than making assumptions using standard work procedures and operator-experience .

Not being sure that a bolt can take a specific load is a huge WHS risk. Failure can lead to injury, damage to equipment and lost production time. In underground mines it is mandatory to assess and certify each rock bolt and threaded anchor. Hiring a specialist to do this is more expensive and time consuming.

Solution: load-indicating washers

This mine is using the 8 tonne load detecting washer. The tabs on Visyload washers curl down when the tension or torque is correct. This instantly confirms that the load is safe.

Brain Industries’ business development manager, Ernest Lapornik, says Visyload is a game changer. He says the cost effective washers are very easy to install.

“Visyload verifies the rock bolt or threaded anchor’s pull out strength,” Ernest says.

Visyload benefits mining, tunnelling and construction sectors

Australian made Visyload uses heat certified steel and other raw materials under a strict ISO9001 quality system. It has been performance tested and accredited in a NATA certified laboratory. These load-indicating washers are built tough and built to last.

Visyload Load Indicator

The washers fit easily to rock bolts, other bolts or threaded anchors. This makes them invaluable for coal and hard rock mines as well as the tunnel building, tunnel operating and construction sectors.

There are 6 tonne and 3 tonne Visyload models available too.

To find out more about Visyload, watch our video or click here to  download a product brochure. Or call our expert team on +61 2 4969 2111.

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