Visyload lets you know, at a glance, the working load limit on a rock bolt or threaded anchor – saving you time and money.

Visyload is a game-changing, easy to install, load sensing washer (load indicating washer) that fits a rock bolt, other bolt or threaded anchor.

When the Visyload tabs are fully deployed, they curl down. This indicates the applied tension or torque to confirm the rock bolt’s or anchor’s safe working load limit.

This helps a mine manager or specialist Geotechnician to assess and certify, saving time and money.

Visyload’s load indicating washers are manufactured in Australia using heat certified steel and other raw materials under a strict ISO9001 accredited quality system. It has been performance tested and accredited in a NATA certified laboratory.

Visyload rock bolt load indicating washer
The green tabs on the Visyload load sensing washer curl down when fully deployed confirm a rock bolt or anchor’s safe working load limit

Models for different weights

Visyload comes in different models for different weights.

8 tonnes (6 tab washer) 
6 tonnes (4 tab washer)

Ask us about other models/weight limits that are being developed to suit other rock bolts and threaded anchors.

Who should use Visyload?

Visyload verifies the correct rock bolt or threaded anchor's pull out strength.

It can be used in a range of industries including:

  • mines
  • tunnel builders and tunnel operators
  • construction.

In underground mines it is mandatory for each rock bolt and threaded anchor to be assessed and certified.

Visyload load detecting washer side profile
Visyload load sensing washer installation example