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Hiring a Brain pump to empty flyash dam saves thousands of dollars

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Hiring a Brain Airloader pump helped a client to empty sludge filled water from a flyash dam, saving it hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to other solutions.

Client problem

As part of remediation works our client had to empty a 7 million litre, sludge filled, flyash dam. Pumping almost three Olympic size swimming pools worth of liquid is a big task, especially when 30% is thick sludge. The company had received quotes of up to $350,000 to empty the dam using vacuum trucks and a dredge.

Solution – Hire a Brain Airloader pump

Knowing of the capability of Brain’s Airloader pumps in transferring sludge ridden materials in underground mines, the team approached Brain for a solution.

The Airloader PD4x4(300) was able to easily handle the job, emptying the dam in just two weeks. The dam contents were pumped over 1200m, on a 1:4 gradient, to a waste stockpile.

Brain’s Airloader compressed air pumps combine high velocity suction airflow with a powerful vacuum. Air availability was an issue but our genius team derated the pump to 300CFM/140L/second while still achieving pumping rates of 20mᶟ per hour.

By hiring, rather than buying the pump, our client was able to get the job done at far less cost. We hired them the pump for less than $5,000, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hire or buy Brain’s Airloader pumps

You can hire or buy a portable and powerful Mudskipper pump from Brain IndustriesThe solution is another example of how Brain can help you to cost effectively pump the impossible. Brain’s Airloader pneumatic industrial pumps handle just about any flowable material, including sludge or slurries containing solids through to sand.

The pumps come in a range of sizes. They are available for use as gravity discharge or pressure pumps.

The original design and made in Australia, Brain’s pumps can handle the toughest conditions. With no internal moving parts, Brain’s pumps are safer and more reliable than other pumps.

When you don’t need a pump for ongoing use, hiring a pump makes good financial sense. As well as Airloader pumps, we also hire our Mudskipper pump, vac packs, self-filling tankers, and fines separation units.

To find out more about our Airloader pumps pr hiring our industrial equipment call us on +61 2 4969 2111 or contact us here. Request a quote here. We’re ready to help!

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