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Customised pump design and training helps underground coal mine

Brain Industries Airloader PD4 300x300

Our mining client’s pump problem

Our client had a Brain Airloader 300 pump but it wasn’t maximising its use.

With the control panel was mounted on the right hand side, space constraints meant it was facing the rib. This made it hard to operate and difficult to maintain.

Additionally, very few operators actually knew how to use or maintain the pump, so it was left at the bottom of the drift rather than being used to its full potential.

Our genius solution maximises pump use

Our design and build team technicians moved the control panel to the discharge side allowing for ease of use.

We also delivered hands on, on site, training on basic maintenance and operation to two crews on alternating rosters.

The pump is now in regular use pumping handling heavily solids laden slurries and sludges. The mine is using it to clean up coal spills and carryback near the conveyor bootend.

Learning from our customers’ needs

We’ve used this customer insight to redesign our Airloader pump with a central control panel as a new standard configuration

Brain Airloader pumps suit underground mines

Portable and low in height, the Airloader PD4x4 (300) is particularly suitable for underground mines. As it has no internal moving parts it is safer than other pumps. We can deliver pumps with DNV GL compliant frames too.

Unlike conventional pumps, the Airloader generates a high velocity suction airflow. It handles large volumes of sludges and slurries with solids up to 80mm in lump size. Gravity discharge and pressure discharge pumps are available. They load and transport over good heights and distances.

Need a genius pumping solutions?

For more information about Brain’s genius pumps and other industrial equipment or to get our genius team to solve an issue in your mine, please get in touch. Call us on +61 2 4969 2111 or use our contact form. With a large range of industrial pumps, we’re ready to help!

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