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Brainwaves No 26, March 2021 – Mudskipper Pumps

You can hire or buy a portable and powerful Mudskipper pump from Brain Industries

New video – Mudskipper pump in action

You can hire or buy a portable and powerful Mudskipper pump from Brain Industries

Are you looking for a portable pump that keeps working where others don’t? Brain Industries’ Australian made and designed Mudskipper© Pump is our smallest and most popular.

The compressed air powered unit vacuum recovers and pressure discharges muds, slurries and sludges – anything flowable -containing solids up to 60mm. Get flow rates of up to 14m³ per hour and discharge up to 0.5km away.

You can hire or buy the Mudskipper.

Watch the Mudskipper video. I  Find out more about Mudskipper pumps.

Brain is now exporting its range of pumps, including the Mudskipper and Air Loader 300 pumps, to the United States through partner company Strata Worldwide USA.

NEW! Polyurethane conveyor skirting

Polyurethane conveyor skirting from Brain Industries lasts 4 times longer than rubber skirtingPrevent spillage and conveyor abrasion – to reduce WHS risks and improve conveyor stability and reliability – with Australian made polyurethane conveyor skirting.

Skirting contains or controls product at the transfer point on belt conveyors. It maintains a dust seal between the chute and the conveyor belt. Traditionally, skirting is made from rubber. But polyurethane skirting lasts four times longer than rubber skirting.

Skirting is part of our growing range of polyurethane products and solutions for your business.

Read more about polyurethane skirting.

Save $ – Hire rather than buy

Got a one-off clean up, dewatering need or slurry and sludge management issue?

Need an industrial pump for a short time or one off project?

Save time and money using Brain Industries’ Equipment Hire Service. We can deliver, set up, and train your people.

You can hire our pumps, Vac packs, dewatering systems, fines separation units, self filling tankers and stonedusters.

You can also buy after you have hired at a discounted rate.

Read more.

Protecting Aussie wildlife

Brain Industries is sponsoring Neville the Tasmanian Devil to support the work of Aussie ArBrain Industries supports NSW’s largest private conservation organisation, Aussie Ark, by sponsoring Neville the (Tassie) Devil and Poly the Koala.

It started as Devil Ark, on 500 hectares in the NSW heritage-listed Barrington Tops to help save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction.

It now operates on 2000Ha of natural bush habitat, protecting 50 species of mammals, 278 species of birds, 42 species of reptiles and 18 species of frogs.

As well as protecting Australian animals, Aussie Ark is also returning native flora to the Barrington Tops. It is also planning Koala Ark – the first wild Koala sanctuary.

To support Aussie Ark or find out more click here.

Need more information or a quote?

To discuss any of your industrial equipment needs, call the genius team at Brain Industries on +61 2 4969 2111, email, or use our contact form. We are here to help!

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