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No wait on Brain’s pumps and stonedusters. Buy today!  

Brain Industries pumps and accessories in stock now

There’s no wait on Brain’s pumps and stonedusters right now. The team at Brain have their proven, Australian made, pumps and accessories in stock, so you can pump the impossible.

•    Pumps & Accessories – pump the impossible
•    Stone Dusters – reduce the risk of explosion in mines
•    Float Switches – eliminate premature wear caused by dry running

Brain pumps and accessories in stock nowThat’s right! Sometimes there is a wait for our genius products but you can buy today. Start the new year with quality Brain products to help you to clean up, avoid downtime and work safely.

Call Paul Harrison today on  +61 429 916 097

Read more about our Brain pumps and accessories here.

Find out more about stonedusters here.

Why use Brain’s pumps?

Brain's Airloader pump off to Africa

Brain Airloader pneumatic industrial pumps handle just about any flowable material including sludge or slurries with solids to sand. Unlike conventional pumps, Brain pumps combine high velocity suction airflow with a powerful vacuum to pump the impossible.

  • Gravity discharge or pressure discharge pumps
  • Range of sizes – pump large volumes
  • Portable
  • No internal moving parts for less wear and better reliability
  • Safe for pumping in hazardous areas
  • Low in height for confined space pumping
  • Australian made for tough conditions

The superior quality of Brain’s pumps means they are being used in lots of industries including agriculture, mines, ships, rigs and sewers.

Read more about our Brain pumps and accessories here.

Why use Brain stonedusters?

Brain stoneduster


Rock dusters and stonedusters discharge stone dust to help underground mining companies meet their stonedusting program requirements.

Brain Industries’ stonedusters and rock dusters use our patented Mudskipper© jet pumps to deliver superior pumping power with minimal maintenance.

  • No moving parts or electrics – low wear, reduced weight and avoid undergo annual tests
  • Pump a minimum of one bag per minute
  • Roof stone dusting in high-velocity ventilation areas

Get more information or download a brochure on stonedusters here.

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