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Stone duster overhaul and pressure vessel inspection

This stone duster was in need of an overhaul

Underground coal mining companies know of Brain Industries’ expertise in manufacturing stone dusters (rock dusters) but did you know Brain also inspects, services and repairs stone dusters of any size?

Brain Industries was sent this stone duster for an overhaul

This month alone, Brain’s expert team has completed stone duster overhauls and/or  pressure vessel inspections for four different coal mines in NSW.

Overhauling a stone duster is a cost effective way to extend the service life of an expensive asset. Given the OHS and regulatory importance of effective stone dusting, it is recommended to overhaul a stone duster annually. Australian states have differing regulatory requirements for the inspection and testing of stone duster pressure vessels.


Brain Industries’ stone duster repair service includes:

  • stripping down
  • blasting
  • NDT testing
  • replacement of components,
  • repainting
  • refitting of all parts
  • testing.

While we make stone dusters, we repair, overhaul and test stone dusters from any manufacturer.

Why choose Brain Industries for stone duster overhauls?

Leading mining companies are choosing Brain Industries for their stone duster inspections, repairs and overhauls because of our team’s decades of experience in stone dusting systems. We offer a fast, high quality service that meets or exceeds original design performance. We have all the equipment needed at our engineering facility, including our own in house paint shop to ensure quality and reduce turn around times.

Looking to buy stone dusters?

Rock dusters or stone dusters discharge crushed limestone over exposed coal dust. This is an important safety measure to reduce the risk of explosion.

Brain Industries designs and manufactures a range of  stone dusters including:

  • Hand held stone duster – can be “speared” into a bulk bag or drum of stone dust
  • Mini-stone duster – discharge to 30m or more
  • Maxi-stone duster with or without a Set & Forget Function – discharge to 100m or more.
Brain Industries Rock Dusters
Mini Stone Duster
hand held spear duster rock duster
Hand Held Spear Stone Duster







Brain Industries maxi rock duster and stone duster
Maxi stone dusters






We also design, manufacture, and install bulk stone dust delivery systems, including 100-tonne to 200 tonne above ground silos for bulk storage, for our partner Strata Worldwide. We also deliver 3-tonne, 6-tonne, and 20-tonne dust to pit-bottom pressure-pods as well as  500kg to 1500kg dilute-phase tailgate dusting covering up to 4,000 metres (4 kms).

Our stone dusters use our patented Mudskipper© jet pumps for superior pumping power. And because those pumps have no moving parts or electrics, this means our stone dusters are lighter in weight, are low wear, and require less maintenance.  So you don’t need our repair service as often!

Need a stone duster overhaul?

Call our stone duster experts on +61 2 4969 2111 or +61 429 916 097. Request a quote or call to discuss your needs here.

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