Belt Conveyor Dewatering Systems

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The Conveyor Dewatering Systems effectively remove water from the coal stream on any mine site. The systems are highly customisable and are designed to suit the exact needs of each customer

Remove water from conveyors. 

Our belt conveyor dewatering systems prevent costly and potentially hazardous issues such as conveyor belts being over-run with water as well as water wrecking conveyor rollers.

Preventing drift conveyor spillage is an important work health and safety (WHS) measure.

In coal mines, conveyor dewatering systems remove water from the coal stream to improve coal quality.

When material has been transported any distance on a belt conveyor it starts to divide, with larger lump content moving to the top and the slimes and water to the bottom. 

Key benefits of Brain Industries's Dewatering Systems

Special features of our Dewatering Systems include:

dewatering system on mine quarry site
brain industries dewatering system underground

Dewatering Screens & Underground Cyclonic Dewatering Systems

Our underground mine dewatering equipment eliminates excess water, particularly where it causes problems on steep drift conveyor belts or in underground storage bins. Our systems also remove solids from the water, so it can be handled by the mine’s regular water pump-out system without damage to pumps or pipelines.