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Successful Visyload demonstration at engineering firm 

The Visyload load sensing washer is easy to install

This month we took Visyload up to our valued customer, Alfabs Group’s, Kurri Kurri facility to demonstrate the, game-changing, load sensing washer.

The latest addition to Brain’s industrial equipment product range, lets you know, at a glance, the working load limit on a rock bolt or threaded anchor.

Matt Burrows, Alfabs’ Kurri Kurri Branch Manager for Mining, easily installed the 6 tab Visyload washer in no time. The washer’s 6 tabs turned down 45 degrees as soon as the 8 tonnes load was achieved.

Brain Industries’ managing director, Gillian Summers, said when the Visyload tabs are fully deployed, they curl down. This indicates the applied tension or torque to confirm the rock bolt’s or anchor’s safe working load limit.

Brain had local video production company, Oasis Media, film the installation to use in its new Visyload video. Watch the video below.

Gillian said Visyload will save mines, tunnel builders and operators, the construction sector and even emergency services’ organisations time and money. She said Visyload is manufactured in Australia and has been performance tested and accredited in a NATA certified laboratory. Read more about Visyload here.

“Thanks very much to Alfabs for allowing us to demonstrate and film the effectiveness of Visyload on their site,” Gillian said.

Alfabs Group is a long-standing heavy engineering company serving the mining, infrastructure, energy and construction sectors in NSW and Queensland.

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