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How to choose the most cost effective pulley lagging?

Brain Industries's cost effective pulley lagging

There are different types of pulley lagging using different materials. So, how do you assess which is the most cost effective pulley lagging option?

This case study and a comparison we did on ceramic lagging from two manufacturers, shows you need to take in a range of factors when comparing lagging products.

When comparing prices of lagging, make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

The quoted sheet price is one thing. but factors such as the sheet width (which influences the number of sheets you need) and the life expectancy of the lagging gives you a better guide to the overall lifecycle cost and its true cost effectiveness. The quality of the lagging varies, depending on the manufacturer.

Case study: Rubber lagging vs Rubber backed Polyurethane lagging  

A pulley relagged by Brain Industries

An Australian conveyor services company was sourcing lagging to relag a client’s pulley. The client was favouring natural rubber lagging. In the end, they chose Brain’s polyurethane rubber backed lagging as the far more cost-effective option.

While the cost per sheet for Brain’s rubber backed polyurethane lagging was higher than the natural rubber option $ $232 vs $199), two less of our 50mm wider sheets were needed. This made our product the cheaper option ($2552 vs $2586). There are also savings in labour costs and time to install the lagging because there are two less sheets.

But wait, there’s more!

When the client considered that the life expectancy of Brain’s polyurethane rubber backed lagging is 5 years and only 1 year for the natural rubber option, the polyurethane lagging was more than five times more cost effective. The 10 year lifecycle cost of our polyurethane lagging is $5104 compared to $25,860 for the rubber lagging option.

Non Drive Pulley 800OD x 1800 Face Competitor’s Natural Rubber Lagging Brain Rubber Backed Polyurethane Lagging
Cost Per Sheet $199 $232
Sheet Width 200mm 250mm
Sheets Required 13 11
Cost to Purchase Lagging $2586 $2552
Life Expectancy (years) 1 5
Lifecycle Cost (10 years)  $25860 $5104

Be careful comparing the “same” pulley lagging

We recently ran the numbers over our ceramic rubber backed lagging and a competitor’s product.

Our ceramic lagging is cheaper per sheet than the competitor’s product ($254 vs $272). It is also wider so two fewer sheets are needed to relag a Drive Pulley. This means the total cost to purchase the lagging is $2794 for the Brain product compared to $3563 for the competitor’s product.

While the table below assumes a 10 year life expectancy for both products, it is worth noting that Brain’s product is 50% ceramic, more than the competitor’s product. The more ceramic in lagging, the better the abrasion resistance.

Drive Pulley              800OD x 1800 Face Competitor    Ceramic Lagging Brain Industries 50% Ceramic Lagging
Cost Per Sheet $272 $254
Sheet Width 200mm 250mm
Sheets Required 13 11
Cost to Purchase Lagging $3536 $2794
Life Expectancy (years) 10 10
Lifecycle Cost (10 years)  $3536 $2794

Other factors to consider when purchasing cost effective pulley lagging

  • Supply and turnaround times
  • Whether the product is Australian made
  • The quality of the rubber or rubber backing
  • The quality of the bond of the lagging to the pulley shell
  • If you need FRAS rubber – for underground mines or tunnelling operations.

The benefits of Brain Industries’ lagging

  • Australian made by an Australian owned family company
  • Your one stop shop – choose the lagging to suit your needs. Rubber, ceramic rubber, polyurethane rubber and hot cast polyurethane lagging
  • A range of thicknesses available
  • Our in-house equipment and skilled technicians means fast turnaround times
  • We can keep stock on hand for rapid supply to key customers
  • We use neoprene rubber for better quality and increased adhesion
  • Our bonding strength is above industry standard
  • We supply FRAS lagging for underground mines and tunnelling operations
  • Embed your company logo, as well as identification and batch details.

Contact the experts in cost effective pulley lagging

For more information or to request a quote for pulley lagging visit our lagging website page or call +61 2 4969 2111. We’re ready to help.

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