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Brainwaves No 38 – May 2022

In this issue

  • Brain now building & servicing aluminium boats
  • Pulley lagging video – which option is best for service life & performance?
  • New capability video
  • Supporting Hunter Manufacturing Awards
  • Hire rather than buy to save $.

Brain now building & servicing aluminium boats

We’ve started manufacturing custom aluminium boats and catamarans at our Carrington workshop after acquiring Moda Marine. Peter Sanderson has been appointed to head our new Marine Builds Division.
Read more about Peter and our gun, next level, leisure, fishing and commercial boats, catamarans and mono hulls. We also maintain, repair and service all boats and vessels.

Our Moda boats borrow from the world of extreme boating while maintaining opulence and performance.


Video – Pulley lagging

A pulley relagged by Brain IndustriesLagging needs to bond perfectly to a conveyor pulley shell for better grip to the conveyor and to maximise service life.

Our Australian made lagging lasts longer, performs better and saves you money in the long run. Certain lagging options better suit certain applications. Choose from rubber, polyurethane and ceramic lagging. We use FRAS rubber for underground mines and tunnels.

Read our top Dos and Don’ts for protecting lagging.
View Brain’s full range of lagging products.

Did you know? As well as lagging, Brain also makes, repairs, maintains and certifies conveyor pulleys?

Watch our pulley lagging video.


New video – Brain’s capability

In our latest video, see how our highly skilled and experienced team can help businesses in the mining, tunnelling, transport, oil & gas, agriculture, marine, local government and other industries. Our  Australian designed and made products and manufactured solutions save time and money.

Our products and custom engineered solutions make difficult materials handling jobs easier and keep your workforce safe.

Click to watch our new capability video.


Hire rather than buy to save $

Hiring a Brain Mudskipper Pump is a cost effective way to pump sludges and slurries

Hiring rather than buying is cost effective if you only need the pump or industrial equipment for a one off project.

A popular hire option is our Mudskipper pump. This small, powerful pump easily vacuums and discharges sludges, slurries, and mud with solids up to 60mm. It is great in confined spaces.

Read more about Brain industrial equipment hire.



Supporting the Hunter Manufacturing Awards

We’re supporting the 2022 Hunter Manufacturing Awards (HMA) and encouraging others to do the same. The Awards help manufacturers to celebrate and share their achievements.

A silver lining of the pandemic has been greater government and community awareness of manufacturing’s importance to supply chains and local jobs.

Brain Industries won the Small Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2021 and was highly commended for the same award in 2020.

Read more.

More information or to request a quote

Let’s talk about your industrial equipment needs. Call our genius team at Brain Industries on +61 2 4969 2111, email, or use our contact form.

Request a quote here.

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