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Brainwaves No 29, June 2021

In this issue

  • Watch our new polyurethane video
  • Polyurethane skirting
  • Case study: Underground mines uses FRAS polyurethane
  • Polyurethane lagging
  • Meet Poly the Koala

NEW video: Polyurethane protects people and assets

Watch our new video to see how our polyurethane products help you to extend the life of your equipment and improve safety and efficiency.

Lightweight and durable, polyurethane is a cost effective, protective coating for an array of surfaces. It is the ideal alternative to aluminium or steel. It can be moulded into shapes without the need for joining or mechanical fasteners. Resistant to corrosion, oil, chemicals, water, impact, and abrasion, polyurethane outlasts rubber and can provide heat resistance up to 130°C.

Brain manufactures a range of poly equipment and can custom design a solution for your business. Our hot-cast polyurethane is perfect for pulleys and lagging. We also specialise in Fire Resistant Anti-static FRAS polyurethane.

Read more about Brain’s Polyurethane products here.

Case study: Underground coal mine uses FRAS polyurethane replacement parts on shuttle cars

Polyurethane Skirting

Polyurethane conveyor skirting from Brain Industries lasts 4 times longer than rubber skirtingOur Australian made polyurethane conveyor skirting prevents spillage and conveyor abrasion. It maintains a dust seal between the chute and the conveyor belt.

This reduces WHS risks and costs in time and money associated with spillage and dust, and improves conveyor stability and reliability.

Traditionally, skirting is made from rubber. Polyurethane skirting lasts four times longer than rubber skirting.

Read more about polyurethane skirting here

Case study: FRAS polyurethane for underground mine equipment

FRAS polyurethane replacement parts installed on an underground coal mine shuttle carBusinesses are turning to Brain Industries’ expertise in Fire Retardant Anti-Static (FRAS) polyurethane. For replacement equipment parts as well as customised products to solve problems and improve safety and asset performance.

Read our case study on how and why an underground coal mine is using FRAS poly replacement parts on shuttle cars.



Polyurethane Lagging

Conveyor Lagging from Brain IndustriesPolyurethane also helps make your pulley lagging last longer. That saves you time and money in the long run with less relagging or change outs required.

Polyurethane is low friction and belt friendly. So, it better resists build up and is effective in dirt and water shedding. It also makes for a quieter pulley operation.

Both our polyurethane, natural rubber-backed, lagging AND polyurethane hot cast lagging last longer than traditional rubber lagging.

Hot cast lagging up to 7 times longer!

Brain’s Australian made lagging comes in a range of sizes.with a +/-0.3mm thickness tolerance.

Our pulley lagging bonds perfectly to the shell of your conveyor pulleys. This extends the life of your pulleys and provide better grip to the conveyor. We use neoprene rubber backing for increased adhesion. Our bonding strength is above industry standard.

Read about our polyurethane lagging options here.

Meet Poly the Koala

Brain Industries sponsors a koala at Aussie Ark which it has named Poly

The team at Aussie Ark is establishing the world’s first and largest WILD Koala Sanctuary. Koala Ark will protect 7,000 hectares of koala habitat and secure a wild population of 1,000-1,500 koalas.

Koalas in NSW and Queensland have had catastrophic losses. At their current rate of decline, they could be extinct by 2050 . There are around 1,000 koalas in captivity in Australia. Because of poor genetics and disease risk, the captive population does not provide support to the wild population.

Brain sponsors a Tasmanian Devil (Neville) as well as a Koala (Poly) at Aussie Ark.

Read more about Aussie Ark and our support for it.

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