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Brain Industries FSU for a mine pays for itself in 2 weeks

Brain Industries built this customised Fines Separation Unit to meet the specific needs of an Australian coal mine

A Brain Industries’ Fines Separation Unit (FSU) for a NSW coal mine will likely pay for itself within two weeks.

Brain’s business development manager Ernest Lapornik says the FSU is likely to recover around $4,800 worth of coal fines per day.

The mine approached Brain to find ways of recovering coal fines to turn into a saleable product and to deal with the ongoing issue of sludge and slurry management.

Brain’s genius team custom designed and manufactured the FSU to meet the mine’s needs.

This FSU uses a pneumatically driven auger to separate fines and water. It will dewater up to 30,000 litres of water per and recover 40mᶟ of dry fines every 24 hours.

Revenue up and costs down

Ernest says the mine will receive more than benefits to its revenue stream.

“Removing solid particles reduces the wear rate of the mine’s dewatering pumps and reduces the volume of material ending up in tailings dams,” Ernest says.

“Mines are looking for ways to boost revenue and to cut costs,” he says.

The Brain FSU is fully automatic. It dewaters solids laden slurry or fines laden water from several sources simultaneously. A virtually dry product goes back to the production system.

Ernest says the Australian made and designed FSU is built tough for mining conditions and is transportable. There is the option of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drives. The FSU is quiet and has low power usage.

“Because it is built from stainless steel, a Brain FSU has a longer service life.”

“This FSU is pneumatic (has no electrical components) so it is also intrinsically safe.”

An FSU can benefit many industries

He says Brain’s FSUs  can benefit businesses in industries other than mining.

“Construction and tunnelling projects, sand quarries, and pulp and paper operations are just some of the industries that can benefit from a Brain Industries’ Fines Separation Unit.”

“Brain can customise an FSU to help any industry to better manage sludge and slurries.

More information

For more information about Brain’s FSU and other mine dewatering systems click here or call +61 2 4969 2111. Or use our contact form. To request  quote – click here.

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