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Newcastle Manufacturer Expands

Gillian Summers, CEO of Australian manufacturer Brain Industries, with stress relieving oven

Newcastle manufacturer Brain Industries is expanding its workshop space to accommodate its growth in business and staff.

Brain is leasing the 1,194 sqm building at 174 Young Street, Carrington.

The space is will also be home to Brain’s main office. The extra space increases the amount of workshop space Brain has available to manufacture an expanding range of products. 

Brain’s three other existing areas are adjacent to the new building, in Young Street Carrington. The new building brings the total size of Brain’s manufacturing workshops and office space to 3,265 sqm.

Founder Tony Lobb said Brain was exporting more product and in the past six months the number of full time equivalent staff grew from 16 to 25.  Mr Lobb said during that time the company had also invested $800,000 in additional equipment, including * a new stress relieving oven, * CNC shaft lathe, * large capacity manual lathe, and * inner shield and submerged arc welding equipment including work piece manipulators and rotators.

He said Brain had just sent another two of our Airloader pumps to oil and gas fields in Nigeria, Africa. Brain also exports to the Middle East, North America and Asia.

“We are proof that manufacturing is not dead in the Hunter.” Mr Lobb said.

“Our genius team design and manufacture products such as pumps that work where conventional products won’t to clean up spills, pump the impossible, and keep conveyors and pulleys moving.,” he said.

“Our quality products have few internal moving parts for less wear and outstanding reliability.”

“We don’t just make equipment, we engineer custom design solutions to industry problems and assist with servicing, overhaul and recertification.

“We solve materials handling problems, avoid downtime and help keep workforces safe.

With Brain continuing to occupy more of Young Street, Mr Lobb and staff have joked that its southern end could be renamed Brain Street after the Newcastle manufacturuer.

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