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Brain stone duster chosen to clean up North Pole mine

Brain Industries maxi rock duster and stone duster

The Brain Industries’ maxi-stone duster will be heading to the Arctic Circle to help with a clean up of the now closed Svea Mine.

At 78 degrees latitude Svea was the world’s northernmost underground coal mine and the only one in the Nordic region.

The Maxi Duster is a large stone duster with a 15-bag plus capacity hopper and lid to keep contents dry. It continuously discharges stone dust over more than 100 metres.

Rock dusters and stone dusters  discharge stone and rock dust to help reduce the risk of explosion in underground mines. This helps mining companies meet their stone-dusting program requirements.

Brain Industries’ stone dusters and rock dusters use our patented Mudskipper© jet pumps to deliver superior pumping power with minimal maintenance.

Brain also manufactures a Set and Forget Maxi-Duster which has a simple but reliable factory set timer mechanism.

Maxi-Stone Duster at a Glance

Brain’s Set and Forget Maxi Duster
  • Large stone duster
  • 15-bag plus capacity hopper with a lid to keep contents dry
  • Continuously discharge stone dust over more than 100 metres
  • Hopper and lid constructed from 1.6mm zinc-anneal and finished in industrial enamel for extra corrosion resistance
  • No moving parts or electrics – low wear, reduced weight and avoid undergo annual tests
  • Pump a minimum of one bag per minute
  • Roof stone dusting in high-velocity ventilation areas

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