PD6x6 (1800) Airloader Pump

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Brain Airloader Pumps are designed for handling heavily solids laden slurries and sludges normally considered impossible with conventional pumps.

The Airloader PD6x6(1800) is a portable, compressed air powered unit, totally intrinsically safe and capable of passing solids up to 120mm in lump size.

Unlike conventional pumps, which rely on vacuum displacement, the Airloader PD6x6(1800) generates a high velocity suction airflow (25cu m min /900cfm) combined with a powerful vacuum (-0.88 Bar/26”Hg) resulting in aggressive suction performance.

This enables the thickest and most viscous of materials to be suction loaded with horizontal distances in excess of 100m and vertical suction lifts in excess of 35m being achievable.

Material is discharged from the pumping vessel by compressed air with transport distances over 1000m horizontally and heads of up to 60m easily achieved even with high solids content materials

Rate Solids (up to)
45m3 120mm
Suction Vacuum
25cu.mtr.min/900cfm -0.88 Bar/26″HG
Brain Industries's PD6x6 (1800) Airloader Pump