GD3x10 (150) Airloader Pump

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Brain Airloader Gravity Discharge Pumps handle solids laden slurries and sludges impossible with conventional pumps.

The Airloader GD3x10(150) is a portable compressed air powered unit, intrinsically safe and low in height, making it particularly suitable for applications in underground mining and tunnelling. It can pass large diameter solids up to 70mm in lump size.

Unlike conventional pumps, which rely on vacuum displacement, the Airloader generates a high velocity suction airflow ( combined with a powerful vacuum (-0.61Bar/18”Hg.) resulting in a very effective suction performance. 

This enables the thickest, most viscous, solids laden materials to be suction loaded through 15m of vertical suction lift and/or up to 150m horizontally from the unit.

Material is gravity dumped from the collection vessel through a 250mm (10”) butterfly valve providing inherently safe non-pressurised discharge onto a conveyor belt, skip or bin for transport away

RateSolids (up to)
The Brain Industries GD3x10 (150) Airloader Pump