Brain Industries appoints new Conveyor Lagging Product Manager

Tom Pattison is Brain Industries' Conveyor Lagging Product Manager

Industrial equipment manufacturer, Brain Industries, has promoted Tom Pattison to the new position of Product Manager, Conveyor Lagging.

Managing Director, Gillian Summers, said the new role will support the growth in demand for Brain’s Australian made pulley lagging and its other conveyor products.

Gillian said Tom has worked for Brain for the past 18 months but has had an impressive, 40 year, career as a conveyor products specialist, including lagging.

“Tom has vast experience and technical knowledge of all aspects of conveyors across a range of industries including mining, quarrying and port industries,” Gillian said..

“Although he is our lagging specialist, Tom is across Brain’s complete range of conveyor products – including conveyor lagging, conveyor pulleys, belt conveyor products such as Mounting Cushions and Tungsten Carbide Tips, conveyor dewatering systems and screens and ceramic wear liners,” she said.

Tom said he is looking forward to being able to talk to customers about their lagging needs and issues and then offer genius solutions and quality products.


What types of Conveyor Lagging does Brain Industries make?

Polyurathane rubber backed lagging
Brain Industries' polyurethane rubber backed pulley lagging
Brain Industries' rubber pulley lagging
Brain Industries' rubber pulley lagging
Brain Industries' polyurethane cast pulley lagging
Brain Industries' polyurethane cast pulley lagging
Brain Industries' rubber backed ceramic pulley lagging
Brain Industries' rubber backed ceramic pulley lagging
Brain manufactures four types of conveyor lagging in a range of sizes. Hot vulcanising is also available.
  • Polyurethane Rubber Backed Lagging
  • Ceramic Rubber Backed Lagging
  • Hot Cast Polyurethane Lagging
  • Natural Rubber Backed Lagging.

“We can make your lagging to order and offer fast turn-around,” Tom said.

“Choose your lagging colour and you can even include your logo!,” he said.

He said Brain’s Australian made lagging is a quality product designed to withstand harsh operating environments.

“Correct design and installation of lagging is critical otherwise it can create more damage to pulleys and conveyors.”

“When using rubber backed lagging the bond between the rubber and other substance is critical. Brain’s bonding strength is above industry standard.”

Conveyor lagging is a coating, cover or wearing surface applied to the shells of drive pulleys and non-drive pulleys. The lagging protects the pulley shell (and can also protect conveyor belts) from abrasion. It extends the life of the pulley because you can replace the lagging for less cost than replacing the pulley or conveyor belt. Lagging also  improves the friction between the belt and the pulley.

Tom joins Brain’s two other product managers – Paul Harrison (Pumps and other Mining Equipment) and David Pandel (Conveyors).

More information

Visit our product page, call Tom on +61 421 845 737 or email Alternatively use our contact form.

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