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New Mining Equipment Product Manager

Paul Harrison, Product Manager, Mining
Paul Harrison, Product Manager, Mining
Paul Harrison, Product Manager, Mining Equipment

Materials handling and safety equipment manufacturer, Brain Industries, has appointed Paul Harrison as product manager, mining equipment.

Managing director Gillian Summers said Paul brings more than 30 years’ experience working in the mining sector as well as the oil and gas sector.

Gillian said Paul will serve Brain’s coal mining and hard rock mining clients.

She said Brain’s locally designed and manufactured pneumatic pumps, vacuum systems, stone dusters and fluid injury prevention systems can save mining companies’ downtime and keep workers safe.

A fitter by trade, Paul’s worked as a leading hand, workshop manager and service engineer as well as in sales.

He said his role is to be a problem solver for his clients.
“My decades of experience means there isn’t a problem I haven’t already come across,” Paul said.

“My philosophy is by solving my clients’ problems in an affordable way I will build that long term relationship,” he said.

“The mining sector can’t afford to have downtime or lost productivity.”

“Brain has high quality, customised, Australian designed and made mining equipment and other products that work where conventional products fail.

“We pump the impossible.

“One of the strengths of Brain’s products is they have very few moving parts which means less wear and greater reliability.”

Brain Industries’ manufacturing facility is based in Carrington near Newcastle.

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