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Australian materials transfer & safety equipment manufacturer thriving

Gillian Summers - Managing Director of materials transfer and safety equipment manufacturer, Brain Industries.

An Australian materials transfer and safety equipment manufacturer located in the main street of Carrington, a suburb of Newcastle, is thriving.

Managing director and co founder of the family owned Brain Industries says its success is proof that manufacturing is not dead in the Hunter region of NSW.

Ms Summers is pulling out all stops to keep up with demand for its products. Turnover is expected to double this year compared to last financial year.

From an unassuming workshop in Young Street, a team of 20 manufactures a range of safety equipment, particularly for utilities and the mining and shipping industries – pumps, vacuum systems, stone dusters and conveyor products. Another product in demand is refuge chambers that can be fitted with food and water to keep up to 20 people safe and secure if there is a disaster in a mine, while awaiting rescue.



Gillian has left her role as CEO of Lifeline Hunter Central Coast to work with the team, particularly on strategic direction for even further growth.

Gillian Summers

“We don’t just make equipment, we engineers custom design solutions to industry problems, from dewatering and draining to pit cleaning and powder transfer,” Gillian said.

“Our products and solutions are in demand from the mining and shipping industries in Australia but the Middle East, USA, and South Africa,” she said.

“I am keen to expand to the marine-industry defence sector and other industries.”

“As a successful Australian manufacturer, we are proof that the sector is alive and well.”

She said, locally, coal was still in demand and mining creates direct jobs as well as for suppliers.

“Manufacturing and mining are inextricably linked to the Hunter and we need both industries to continue to be successful.”

“We have such a talented local team and need to keep these skills in Australia and the Hunter.”

Gillian said she will be using her experience from Lifeline, as CEO of Hunter Development Corporation as well as private sector firms including QANTAS and Forgacs to further the company’s success.

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